Golf Rules That You Need To Know


Golf is played by hitting a ball using a club on an area called “teeing ground.”  Once the ball is hit, it usually travels fairways across and onto a next prepared area.  A hole could be found in this area that is called a “putting green.”

The objective of the game of golf is that one should be able to complete a hole by means of hitting a ball from a teeing ground and place it inside the hole of the putting green in as little strokes as possible.  What is commonly referred to as a round of golf usually consists of 18 holes to be played in.

In golf, there are basically two kinds of play to choose from.  The winner in one kind of play is determined by the holes that are lost and won, this is referred to as a match play.

The other kind of play is determined by the number of strokes one has taken to complete a round.  This is called a stroke play.

When playing golf, there are basically two relevant rules to remember:  as you find the course, go play it.  As the ball lies, it should also be played as such.

If you find it hard to follow the above rule, at least try your best to do what is fair. How do you know what is fair?  Below are the summarized rules to give you a good idea of how to play a good and just game of golf.

The Intro: Basic golf courtesy

Avoid moving, talking or standing too close to a golfer who is about to make a stroke.

Play with a minimum amount of delay.  As soon as the players in the group that you are in have left, it is just as best that you do the same.

Try your best not to play until the group is already out of the way.

As much as possible, try to replace the divots.  Also, do not forget to smooth any footprints found in the bunkers.

It is highly inadvisable to drop your clubs on the putting green, so don’t!

The Rules of Playing

Before playing that all important round of golf, the first thing you should do is to read the local rules stated on the score card you are holding.  After which do not forget to place an identifying mark on the ball you are going to use.  Some golfers use the same type and brand of golf ball, if in case your ball is placed among these bunch, you will have difficulty knowing which is which.

Label which ball is yours is more practical to do.

Make sure that you get to count your clubs before actual play.  You should have a maximum of fourteen clubs.

When starting actual play, it is best that you tee off in front of the tee markers.

When you tee off a little bit off or outside this specified area and you are playing a match play, your opponent may have to ask you to repeat the stroke you just did.  The good thing when one does this in a match play, you get to incur no penalty.

However, if in a stroke play, you then are given a penalty of two-stroke.  You are therefore required to play in the appropriate area.

If while you are playing and your ball happens to lie in a bunker or a water hazard, you should not in any way touch the ground of the bunker or the water before you do your downswing.

The ball must as much as possible be struck fairly and should neither be spooned or pushed.

It is okay for you to mark the ball that you are using.  You could lift your ball, clean it and place it on the exact place where it was.

When dropping a ball, it is best that you erectly stand and then hold the ball at the length of your shoulder, and then you may drop it.  If by dropping the ball it happens to strike your partner, you or your caddie, the ball must then be dropped again with no penalty.

It is also okay for you to lift your ball if by doing so you are able to assist another player.  Or you also may lift any other ball as long as that ball interferes with your playing or interferes another player.

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